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Biracial South African to Host "Daily Show"

March 30, 2015

Trevor Noah could puncture one-dimensional view of Africa; CBS colleague says Bill O'Reilly didn't rescue him; part-time newsroom employee promoted Ferguson protest; . . . paper wants an end to Ferguson, other municipalities; editor sorry for article opposing multicultural TV casting; budding Oakland journalists graduate, told the untold; author says diverse leadership begins at the bottom; despite naysayers, could Cruz be "the one" for Latinos?; "All the elements came together" when Bush 41 pivoted. (3/30/15)

Trevor Noah Could Puncture One-Dimensional View of Africa

CBS Colleague Says Bill O'Reilly Didn't Rescue Him

Part-Time Newsroom Employee Promoted Ferguson Protest

. . . Paper Wants an End to Ferguson, Other Municipalities

Editor Sorry for Article Opposing Multicultural TV Casting

Budding Oakland Journalists Graduate, Told the Untold

Author Says Diverse Leadership Begins at the Bottom

Despite Naysayers, Could Cruz Be "The One" for Latinos?

"Latinos likely haven't made up their minds about Republican Sen. Ted Cruz's newly announced candidacy for President,"Ruben Navarrette Jr. wrote Friday for CNN.com.

"So in a selfless gesture, a whole slew of non-Latinos have quickly stepped forward to spare us the trouble of thinking for ourselves about whether Cruz stands a chance of winning and whether he can get the votes of fellow Latinos.

"The answers were 'No' and 'No.' . . ."

Navarrette also wrote, "It's an exciting time for Latino appointed and elected officials, and it's a lot for my dad to keep straight.

"'I better write down these names,' he said.

"My father has voted for more than 50 years, and he's always been loyal to the Democratic Party — even in those presidential elections where offerings were skimpy. (Walter Mondale in 1984, Michael [Dukakis] in 1988, John Kerry in 2004.)

"But, next year, my dad might just cross party lines to be loyal to his ethnic group.

"The 73-year-old has seen the rise of a lot of remarkable things in his life — airplanes, television, computers, the Internet, smart phones, just to name a few. But, as a Mexican-American who attended segregated schools in the 1940s and endured discrimination — both overt and subtle — in the 1950s, he is still waiting to see a Latino elected President of the United States.

"You've heard about Republican women who might vote for Hillary Clinton because they want to see a woman President. We know that many African-Americans — including Republicans, such as Colin Powell— were proud to support Barack Obama.

"Now Latinos could have the same opportunity, courtesy of the GOP. What the Democrats couldn't deliver, the Republicans might.

"To borrow a phrase that Oprah Winfrey used to describe Obama, could Ted Cruz be 'the one?' . . ."

"All the Elements Came Together" When Bush 41 Pivoted

"I leave The New York Times after having had an amazing 31-year career here, first spending 16 years as a staff photographer, followed by 15 more as a picture editor,"Jose R. Lopez wrote Saturday for the New York Times "Lens" blog. "During my time as a photographer, I had the honor of being based in Washington, covering the White House during the Reagan, Bush (41) and Clinton administrations.

"Though I have a portfolio of historic images from that period, one image that I am especially proud of is one that was made during the 1992 presidential campaign when George Bush was running for re-election against Bill Clinton.

"The Bush campaign had landed in New Jersey for a local event, and I was a part of the traveling press corps. There were long flatbed trucks set up in the press area, which acted as elevated camera positions, and I decided to stand at the very end of the last one, which faced the presidential helicopter fleet that was parked and waiting to whisk Mr. Bush to the next event.

"The president gave a short campaign speech on the tarmac upon his arrival, then, surrounded by his Secret Service detail, started to walk to the helicopters. Supporters were shouting encouragement to Mr. Bush as he made his way.

"Suddenly, the president spun around in midstride and gave one last wave. All the elements came together. . . ."

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