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Standing Ovation for Dori J. Maynard

March 2, 2015

Oakland memorial service pauses for "Maynard moment"; Soul of the South lays off news employees, plans to regroup; 3 black journalists take Sun-Times buyouts; Why was Valerie Jarrett there? "Because I love April"; media, whistleblowers both win in Supreme Court ruling; "Land of positivity" behind in debts to magazines (3/2/15)

Oakland Memorial Service Pauses for "Maynard Moment"

Soul of the South Lays Off News Employees, Plans to Regroup

3 Black Journalists Take Sun-Times Buyouts

Why Was Valerie Jarrett There? "Because I Love April"

Media, Whistleblowers Both Win in Supreme Court Ruling

"Land of Positivity" Behind in Debts to Magazines

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