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A Fatuous, Racially Glib Night With Oscar

February 23, 2015

Pulitzer winner Wesley Morris says he has to go there; . . . what a difference four years makes; Gannett down to one African American top editor; black media group sues Comcast, claiming discrimination; O'Reilly defends himself against embellishment claims; journalism group challenges police on Chicago killing; Howard U. students, faculty add color to Wikipedia's white; Al Jazeera journalist accuses network of negligence (2/23/15)

Pulitzer Winner Wesley Morris Says He Has to Go There

. . . What a Difference Four Years Makes

Gannett Down to One African American Top Editor

Black Media Group Sues Comcast, Claiming Discrimination

O'Reilly Defends Himself Against Embellishment Claims

Journalism Group Challenges Police on Chicago Killing

Howard U. Students, Faculty Add Color to Wikipedia's White

Al Jazeera Journalist Accuses Network of Negligence

"The al-Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy, who is awaiting retrial after more than a year in an Egyptian prison, has accused the network of 'epic negligence' and said it was partially to blame for his arrest and imprisonment,"Patrick Kingsley in Cairo, and Ian Black reported Friday for Britain's Guardian.

"Fahmy called it naive and misleading to see the case purely as a crackdown on press freedom because Qatar, which funds the al-Jazeera network, used it to 'wage a media war' against Cairo.

"Fahmy, who had both Egyptian and Canadian nationality before giving up his Egyptian passport in an attempt to speed up his deportation in December, and Baher Mohamed, an Egyptian, are due back in court next week following the release of their Australian colleague, Peter Greste, earlier this month. The three al-Jazeera English (AJE) employees were jailed last June on trumped-up charges of helping terrorists and spreading false news. . . ."

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