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Race a Part of the Brian Williams Equation

February 6, 2015

Some wonder whether double standard is at work; Fox site gets twice its normal traffic showing immolation; secretive White House effort blindsided FCC on neutrality; comic Wilmore apologizes for segment on black women; InStyle explains lightened Kerry Washington cover; lack of journalists leads to "glaring gaps" in Nigeria news; journalists caught in Dominican Republic ethnic crackdown; domestic worker wins fellowship for her photography (2/6/15)

Some Wonder Whether Double Standard Is at Work

Fox Site Gets Twice Its Normal Traffic Showing Immolation

Secretive White House Effort Blindsided FCC on Neutrality

Comic Wilmore Apologizes for Segment on Black Women

InStyle Explains Lightened Kerry Washington Cover

Lack of Journalists Leads to "Glaring Gaps" in Nigeria News

Journalists Caught in Dominican Republic Ethnic Crackdown

Domestic Worker Wins Fellowship for Her Photography

"For the past 10 years, 27-year-old Xyza Cruz Bacani has been working as a domestic worker for a wealthy Chinese family in Hong Kong,"Michael Zhang reported Jan. 23 for petapixel.com. "On her days off, she brings her camera onto her city’s sidewalks and captures impressive street photos.

"Yesterday, Bacani's life took a dramatic turn: she was announced as a recipient of the 2015 Human Rights Fellowship by the Magnum Foundation, a prestigious scholarship that will give her the opportunity to study in an intensive, six-week-long program at New York University in NYC.

"The experience will equip her in creating 'effective visual stories with the aim of advancing Human Rights' in her home country.

". . . More recently, Bacani used her camera to document a women's shelter for abused domestic workers. The images from that project helped her win the Magnum fellowship.

"The photographer says she hopes to become a professional photojournalist and return to the Philippines for her future photography work — photos that she hopes will help change her home country for the better."

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