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O'Reilly Accused of Smearing Pinkston

February 2, 2015

Fox News pundit links Al Jazeera reporters, terrorism; 20 groups fault coverage of Muslim response to Paris violence; Egypt frees foreign journalist, but colleagues remain; Super Bowl again records biggest adience in TV history; Native journalists win apology over headline; story on foot commuter generates $80,000 in donations; white editors, black journalists share Black History Month (2/2/15)

Fox News Pundit Links Al Jazeera Reporters, Terrorism

20 Groups Fault Coverage of Muslim Response to Violence

Egypt Frees Foreign Journalist, but Colleagues Remain

Super Bowl Again Records Biggest Audience in TV History

Native Journalists Win Apology Over Headline

Story on Foot Commuter Generates $80,000 in Donations

White Editors, Black Journalists Share Black History Month

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