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MSNBC Bans "Muslim Guy" for Insult to Jindal

January 21, 2015

Governor "might be trying to scrub some of the brown off"; multimedia State of Union presentation declared a hit; reporter held hostage Went to Syria to help a friend; Radio One cancels radio portion of Roland Martin show; Sinclair boosts Armstrong Williams, Ben Carson; defiant newspaper continues to use "illegals" term; what about the Latinos who deserved Oscar nominations? (1/20/15)

Governor "Might Be Trying to Scrub Some of the Brown Off"

Multimedia State of Union Presentation Declared a Hit

Reporter Held Hostage Went to Syria to Help a Friend

Radio One Cancels Radio Portion of Roland Martin Show

Sinclair Boosts Armstrong Williams, Ben Carson

Defiant Newspaper Continues to Use "Illegals" Term

What About the Latinos Who Deserved Oscar Nominations?

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