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CNN, Cosby Lawyers in Scathing Duel Over Coverage

December 22, 2014

Beverly Johnson charges surface talk of lies, death threats; Milwaukee cop won't be prosecuted in black man's slaying; NPR, AP say "assassination" doesn't apply in cop killings; Fox station edits protesters chants to say "kill a cop!"; Lemon, Logan, Breitbart on list of cringeworthy blunders; what smart people are saying about 2015; how the right photo "unfolded right before me" (12/22/14)


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Beverly Johnson Charges Surface Talk of Lies, Death Threats

Milwaukee Cop Won't Be Prosecuted in Black Man's Slaying

NPR, AP Say "Assassination" Doesn't Apply in Cop Killings

Fox Station Edits Protesters Chants to Say "Kill a Cop!"

Lemon, Logan, Breitbart on List of Cringeworthy Blunders

What Smart People Are Saying About 2015

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