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Photographer Michel du Cille Dies Suddenly in Liberia

December 11, 2014

Three-time Pulitzer winner, of Washington Post, was 58; wealth gap between races has widened since recession; Bailon praised for guiding Post-Dispatch in Ferguson crisis; SNCC veterans point to need for coverage of organizing, too; First Look Media, criticized for lack of diversity, reverses; Colombian paramilitary group threatens journalists; journalists advised to "become part of their community" (12/11/14 and 12/12/14)

Updated December 12

Three-Time Pulitzer Winner, of Washington Post, Was 58

Wealth Gap Between Races Has Widened Since Recession

Bailon Praised for Guiding Post-Dispatch in Ferguson Crisis

SNCC Veterans Point to Need for Coverage of Organizing, Too

First Look Media, Criticized for Lack of Diversity, Reverses

Colombian Paramilitary Group Threatens Journalists

Isiah Carey broke a Houston-area grand jury’s indictment of Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson on child abuse charges. (Video)

Journalists Advised to "Become Part of Their Community"

"In September, KRIV Houston reporter/commentator Isiah Carey broke big national news — a Houston-area grand jury's indictment of Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson on child abuse charges — thanks to the years he spent courting suburban sources few reporters bother with,"Diana Marszalek wrote Tuesday for TVNewsCheck. "Carey, who didn't even know who Peterson was at the time, did it while home sick from work.

"His driveway confrontation of another shamed football player this year — the Houston Texans' Arian Foster, a married man who got a college co-ed pregnant — went viral.

"In 2009, Carey set out to bring attention to the plight of Houston's homeless by living as a homeless man himself for 24 hours, all the way down to sleeping outside in one of their encampments. Bill White, Houston's mayor at the time, was so impressed with that one that he declared June 23 of that year 'Isiah Carey Day.'

"Yet perhaps the story that best epitomizes the ethic that drives much of Carey's work is the one he walked away from, despite its scandalous appeal.

"It was two, maybe three, years ago, when Carey got a call from a parent, claiming that a local elementary school teacher, the kind of woman who's named Teacher of the Year again and again, was actually a man. . . ."

Marszalek also wrote, "Carey believes TV news — as well as the viewers it serves — would greatly benefit if reporters cultivated deeper relationships with the people they cover. 'If they would come out of their homes — not just cover the news and go home and call it a day — we would have more compassionate coverage,' he says. 'It doesn't take a black reporter to cover black people if people would become part of their community.' . . ."

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