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Local Stations Spurn Networks, Carry Obama

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November 21, 2014

Rise in viewership approaches 50% on Spanish-language channels; 7 of color apply for buyouts at Philly papers; Cosby developments leave biographer anguished; journalists covering Ferguson win no-interference pledge; Latinos grow more disillusioned over time, survey says; whites distinguish between blacks, African Americans; Native journalists offer tips for reporting on Thanksgiving; Islamic terrorists step up persecution of journalists (11/21/14)

Rise in Viewership Approaches 50% on Spanish Channels

7 of Color Apply for Buyouts at Philly Papers

Cosby Developments Leave Biographer Anguished

Journalists Covering Ferguson Win No-Interference Pledge

Latinos Grow More Disillusioned Over Time, Survey Says

Whites Distinguish Between Blacks, African Americans

Native Journalists Offer Tips for Reporting on Thanksgiving

Islamic Terrorists Step Up Persecution of Journalists

"As the US-led international coalition continues its airstrikes in Iraq and northern Syria in a bid to halt the Jihadi advance, Islamic State is stepping up its persecution of journalists, either threatening to kill them, kidnapping them or mistreating those it is already holding," Reporters Without Borders reported on Friday.

"Islamic State is now holding at least 20 journalists in Mosul (in northern Iraq), the largest city it controls.

"According to the Journalistic Freedoms Observatory (JFO), Islamic State kidnapped nine journalists more than a month ago, six of whom it is still holding and three it released. Then it kidnapped another 14 reporters, cameramen and TV engineers and technicians — most employed by Sama Mosul TV — in Mosul in late October and early November. . . ."

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