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Advice J-Students Can Take to the Bank

November 14, 2014

Black columnists offer tips for success in changing field; "What's your propaganda?" filmmaker asks J-students; in Washington Post piece, woman accuses Cosby of rape; on net neutrality, could cure be worse than disease?; Conde Nast to pay $5.8 million to 7,500 ex-interns; Suzan Shown Harjo to receive Medal of Freedom; HistoryMakers receives $1.6 million to talk up black success; Washington Post debuts interactive project on "N-word"; at protest, station owner defends #Pointergate (11/14/14)

Black Columnists Offer Tips for Success in Changing Field

"What's Your Propaganda?" Filmmaker Asks J-Students

In Washington Post Piece, Woman Accuses Cosby of Rape

On Net Neutrality, Could Cure Be Worse Than Disease?

Condé Nast to Pay $5.8 Million to 7,500 Ex-Interns

Suzan Shown Harjo to Receive Medal of Freedom

HistoryMakers Given $1.6 Million to Talk Up Black Success

Washington Post Debuts Interactive Project on "N-Word"

"This year the NFL instructed game officials to penalize players who used the n-word on the field of play. David Sheinin and Krissah Thompson, write about how the policy, met by widespread criticism, followed a year marked by several incidents of players deploying America's most divisive racial slur," the Washington Post said in an announcement on Monday.

"As the league wrestled with the issue, a team of Washington Post journalists spoke with more than 70 people over the last eight months examining the history of this singularly American word and its place in American vernacular today. Hear from former NFL players Donte Stallworth and Leigh Bodden; Byron De La Beckwith Jr., Ku Klux Klansman; Neal Brennan, co-creator of 'Chappelle's Show,' and more discuss the nuance of the n-word in an interactive project here. . . ."

At Protest, Station Owner Defends #Pointergate

"Communications mogul Stanley Hubbard, speaking at Augsburg College on Thursday, was forced to defend a controversial story that aired last week on one of his Minneapolis stations,"Libor Jany reported Friday for the Star Tribune in Minneapolis.

"About 30 protesters, some waggling large red foam fingers typical at sporting events, stood up and roared at Hubbard, whose television station, KSTP-TV, had come under fire for airing a story claiming that Mayor Betsy Hodges was making a gang sign in a photograph with a young black canvasser. The story, which triggered a wave of criticism across social media calling for an on-air apology from the station, has been held up by critics as an example of racial bias in the media. . . ."

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