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Holder Sees End to Journalist's Prosecution

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October 29, 2014

Attorney general repeats, "No reporter's going to jail"; administration refines practice of leaking to news outlets; Zucker ties CNN sponsorship to NABJ statement; more than 1,300 bid farewell to Ben Bradlee, his era; pathologist in Michael Brown case disputes conclusions; 1 in 13 voting-age blacks can't vote due to felonies; freed journalist describes torture by "band of sadists"; four-part video series uses humor for social statements (10/29/14)

Attorney General Repeats, "No Reporter's Going to Jail"

Administration Refines Practice of Leaking to News Outlets

Zucker Ties CNN Sponsorship to NABJ Statement

More Than 1,300 Bid Farewell to Ben Bradlee, His Era

Pathologist in Michael Brown Case Disputes Conclusions

1 in 13 Voting-Age Blacks Can't Vote Due to Felonies

Freed Journalist Describes Torture by "Band of Sadists"

Four-Part Video Series Uses Humor for Social Statements

"The New York Times has launched a really cool four-part video series called Off-Color which highlights artists of color who use humor to make smart social statements about the sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious ways that race plays out in America today,"Phil Yu wrote Tuesday on his Angry Asian Man blog.

"The series features Hari Kondabolu, Kristina Wong, Issa Rae and Lalo Alcaraz. (I had the honor of being interviewed for Kristina's video.) . . ."

From the series:

"Dating in Los Angeles is not easy. Just ask Kristina Wong, a Chinese-American performance artist and writer who says she wants reparations for 'yellow fever,' a common term for the fetishization of Asian women by white men.

"'Even in high school or middle school there would be white boys saying I like dating Asian girls because they're more quiet and submissive and sweet,' Ms. Wong said in an interview. 'It's like they're unable to acknowledge that there is something going on and there's a specific reason they are dating all these women as if they were interchangeable.' . . ."

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