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CNN "Reconsidering" NABJ Sponsorships

October 17, 2014

Journalists say network retaliates after criticism; reports on Ebola turned toward perspective this week; skepticism greets news that Nigerian girls will be freed; artist redraws cartoon in response to NAHJ objections; Univision ends newscasts at Puerto Rico TV station; study shows no lack of qualified black, Latino geeks; O'Reilly tells Jon Stewart there is no "white privilege"; chilling series captures dangers of women on migrant trail (10/17/14)

Journalists Say Network Retaliates After Criticism

Reports on Ebola Turned Toward Perspective This Week

Skepticism Greets News that Nigerian Girls Will Be Freed

Artist Redraws Cartoon in Response to NAHJ Objections

Univision Ends Newscasts at Puerto Rico TV Station

Study Shows No Lack of Qualified Black, Latino Geeks

Chilling Series Captures Dangers of Women on Migrant Trail

"Beheadings. Modern day slavery. Forced prostitution. Murder. It would seem like something out of a horror movie,"Kevin Olivas wrote Wednesday for voxxi.com. "But it is all too real. One could be hard-pressed to find much in the way of coverage by English-language U.S. media of what so many people are trying to escape in Central America and why they would risk so much to come here.

"But that experience is captured vibrantly and chillingly in the series 'Trail of Fears' by reporter Maria Ines Zamudio and photographer Carlton Purvis, of 'The Commercial Appeal' of Memphis, Tenn.

"'Last December/January, I went to Mexico for a family party. I took a few extra days to do some reporting in Lecheria, a common stop for migrants outside Mexico City. I interviewed some women there and I produced the story for NPR's Latino USA,' says Zamudio. 'During this reporting trip, which I funded myself, I realized that I wanted to look into the story in a more meaningful way. I started investigating the issue of human trafficking and other dangers women face along the migrant trail.'

"Zamudio earned a fellowship from the International Center for Journalists that was sponsored by the Ford Foundation to produce the series. . . ."

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